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Whatever your occasion, we make it one to remember.

We provide you with daily self-made bread, sourdough pizza, roasted fish-meat-vegetables and many more.

Prepared Fresh

The meals are prepared fresh and never frozen and Cooked to order every time. then, our meals are packaged in special bags with ice packs to keep fresh and delicious meals while being deliver .

Low Calories

It saves you effort and time and provides delicious foods that help you achieve your goals.

Daily Delivery

Our meals are delivered any time from 10am – 10pm on daily basis except Thursdays. And All of our meals are pre-portioned and complete. Our meals are packaged in special bags with ice packs to keep your package cold during transit.

One of the best restaurants in the UAE offering healthy food. We believe that healthy or diet food with great taste was possible and each day that is what we deliver to our customers. Low Calories Restaurant offers fresh nutritious food, with new ideas, new flavors and sauces

OUR GOAL: To let everyone enjoy our healthy delicious meals and gain all the benefits and reap all the rewards that go with it

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