Restaurant policy

  • Members can freeze their delivery/Pick up not more than 2 times. The restaurant will not accept the 3rd freeze call of the customer.
  • In 30 days of subscription, the subscription should get over within 60 days of time.
  • Food will be delivered only at one location, for any 2nd location, you will pay delivery charges AED 75/- per day.
  • Low calories, has its own MEAL PLAN for all the members. Any Changes in the MEAL PLAN will be charged extra AED 500/-. Example: changes in GRAMS, Changes in food schedule during the contract.
  • Members, who pick up their food, MUST Provide their MEAL PLAN including the days they want their food.
  • Cancelation will not be accepted on the date of delivery pick up. A day before reminder is must for to cancel the food.

Return policy

There will be no RE-FUND after three days, once the contract is signed.

Delivery information

Q : Which areas do you deliver to?

A : We deliver throughout Abu Dhabi , Dubai and Dibba Al Fujairah.


Q : What time do you deliver the food?

A : Deliveries are daily in evening slot is between 4pm and 10pm. Delivery schedules depend on your specific location but in the event that you’re not available to receive it, we can leave it on your doorstep or deliver to an alternative location.


Q : Can it be delivered to another location?

A : No. When completing our online sign up form, please state your address under the requested delivery information. If you wish to make changes to your delivery location, we require two business days notice.


Q : Why do I need to pay an AED 150 deposit for the ice and chiller bag?

A : We ask for AED 150 as a refundable deposit for a Low calories Restaurant chiller bag as experience has shown that our customers love our bags so much, that they are often reluctant to return them.


We are always here to help, Low calories Restaurant will provide you with the support you need, when you need it. Whether you have a question about our system or seek nutritional guidance, our team of experts are ready to help you.


Q : How much weight can I expect to lose?

A : The amount of weight you lose depends on a number of factors including your age, activity level, amount of exercise, medical conditions and starting weight. Most Low calories Restaurant customers lose anything from 3 to 8 kilos per month. Ultimately, your results depend on YOU and your commitment.


Q : Can I switch my lunch and dinner meals, so that I eat my dinner at lunch and my lunch at dinner?

A : Yes you can, But make sure you are having only Low calories meals. If you cheat on your diet by having other food, this will affect your results. To keep you committed, we recommend that you eat your meals during their selected hours. Keep in mind that whatever meal you decide to eat, always have it three hours before your bedtime.


Q :  Can I put my membership on hold or take days off ?

A : You can stop and resume so you don’t lose any days if you want. Contact us before 48 hours prior to the day when you want to stop your membership. You can set a date when you want to resume in advance or choose to freeze the membership and call back whenever you are certain to be back. Keep in mind that you need to call at least 48 hours before you want to resume your membership.


Q : How can I pay?

A : We accept cash, cards . You can pay online with your credit or debit card or if you prefer, you can drop off payment at our head office or request that our driver collect your payment from anywhere within Dubai or Abu Dhabi.


Q : Why is exercise important?

A : The only way that enables you to lose your fat percentage while preserving your muscle mass while dieting is following a proper exercise program. Exercise increases your basal metabolic rate and helps the body burn more calories, which results in a faster, healthier weight loss. In addition, exercise also improves your mood, your bone density, your energy levels, and your overall quality of life. To be healthy, diet and exercise go together.


Q : What should I drink? Am I allowed to drink coffee, tea or fruit juices?

A : We recommend you stay hydrated by drinking a minimum of two to three liters of water per day. When drinking coffee or tea, try taking it without sugar or milk.


Q : What if I feel hungry?

A : Your Low calories Restaurant plan is created bespoke for you and is designed to provide you with all the carbs, proteins and fats that your body needs. Regular well-balanced meals regulate your blood sugar levels, which in turn reduce cravings and hunger levels. It should just take a few days for your body to adjust to your new diet but following that, if you still feel hungry, please speak to a Low calories nutritionist and your plan can be amended as required. When possible however, we do recommend you try to fight any hunger and stick to your plan to enjoy the greatest results.


Q : What about food allergies and other food preferences/dislikes?

A : When signing up on our website, we’ll ask you about your likes, dislikes and allergies . Your bespoke meal plan will be planned around your preferences.


Q : How many calories do I need to lose weight?

A : The amount of calories you need to lose weight is personalized. It does not suit everyone, so don’t recommend it to a friend or family member. The Low calories Restaurant recommendation to you is based on factors including your personal Basal Metabolic Rate, related to your age, weight, height, gender, and your physical activity level.


Q : Will skipping meals help me lose weight faster?

A : Skipping meals, especially breakfast, can actually lead you to gain weight! Skipping meals will lead to the decrease in your basic metabolic rate, or your ability to burn down the food ingested, and instead will deposition it as fat. You are most probably going to overeat later in the day and late evening if you skip meals early in the day. The optimal way to lose weight is to have small meals every three hours comprising three main meals and two snacks.

For emergency and doubts, you can contact our Nutrition Specialist on

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